Applications in the paper industry

Because of its wide application, today calcium carbonate is the most important filler and coating agent in the papermaking process. Calcium carbonate fillers and coatings will have higher whiteness, giving the paper good opacity, gloss and printability at a competitive price.

Calcium carbonate can be used in very large quantities, the amount of wood material can be reduced without affecting the strength of the paper. Paper machines can operate at higher speeds and finish dry paper faster, these improvements save on energy costs

Calcium carbonate as filler in paper:

Calcium carbonate is used as a filler in the production of writing paper, printing paper or packaging paper and cardboard, the filler in paper has the following advantages over the non-filler type: the paper has a smooth surface when produced, the degree of Brightness, sexiness, higher gloss and improved printability.

Calcium carbonate as coating agent in paper:

Coating means increasing the surface quality of paper and hard paper, the coating process to a large extent under layers of fiber structure will leave a uniform surface of the paper for better printing.

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