How to choose the right style and position for composite flower pots

With a variety of sizes, designs, ... but today composite plastic cotton pots are loved by many businesses and homeowners, but to be able to choose the right location for cotton pots is not a simple matter. . In the following article, THACH HIEN will suggest to you  how to choose the right style and position for the composite cotton pot

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Before buying pots, consider the architecture of your house and the style of garden you have, and use this as a guide. For a modern look, you can choose a composite cotton pot that has a simple geometric shape. Popular geometric shapes are cube, prismatic, truncated, etc. If you need a large pot, you can choose a box-shaped composite flowerbed with many sizes.

If you are a fan of the classic style, then think about composite pots with deep, dark, imitation wood colors, etc. Then, planting a wide canopy tree on top will create a feeling of harmony and relaxation. a little unique. In addition, a tubular round pot with a slightly wide mouth also brings a sense of freedom and lightness to the space.

Composite cotton pots products at THACH HIEN

Next, pay attention to the color when choosing a potted plant. The basic colors with composite cotton pots are single colors, with little pattern or if any, just borders, stripes or spots. However, there are many colors for you to choose from brown, gray, black, to white, green and yellow, etc. You can also choose a unit that accepts composite cotton pots and gives you an idea of ​​your color or design. need.


There is no fixed rule on how to arrange cotton pots. However, arranging pots in the right place, in the right position can brighten up that space. On the contrary, if you arrange it inappropriately, the cotton pot may not work, it will not beautify the space or it may not be suitable for the living conditions of the tree.

Here are a few common places to put cotton pots that we have compiled:

Cotton pots for the garden: Obviously a cotton pot for the garden is necessary, but you should choose a pot with a design to match the overall things around it. For example, if the garden is quite bare, blue is the main color, then a brown or white composite flowerbed may be appropriate. If the garden is decorated with more tables and chairs, outdoor products, then you should choose pots with simple designs and dark colors.

Wall-mounted cotton pots: Cotton pots are not only pots placed on the ground but also have many types of wall pots or wall trusses. The most common are pots using hanging wires arranged on fences, walls, balconies, rooftops and even in rooms. These pots are usually round in shape, small in size and grow vines. Some others such as wall-mounted pots often install an automatic watering system, etc. A wall will become stylish and eye-catching, beautiful with flowers and trees.

Composite cotton pots products at THACH HIEN

Use pots to create formality and symmetry in the garden. For example, place pots on either side of your front door or in rows to line a walkway or patio area. Stick to one shape and style for consistency.

You can create a relaxed, intimate feel by grouping a variety of pot sizes and shapes together. Use an odd number for balance. Choose plants with contrasting colors and textures to make them more attractive, eye-catching, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Choosing a pot is not too complicated. Even the pot material or the style of the pot needs to be calculated when choosing. A beautiful pot model with appropriate design, standard size will make the display and decoration of plant pots more attractive. The above article has guided how to choose the style and position of the pot. Contact us if you have any questions that need to be answered!

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