CaCO3 stone powder

CaCO3 stone powder, also known as calcium carbonate stone powder, is one of the popular additives and raw materials for many industries such as: in the production of livestock and poultry feed, in the production of paints, in the treatment management of aquaculture, in the production of paper, in the production of toothpaste, in the production of plaster...

CaCO3 stone powder is produced in many areas in the territory of Vietnam. However, the large output is mainly from the northern region of Vietnam with many types of CaCO3 rock powder.

With CaCO3 stone powder, depending on the content of ingredients as well as depending on the whiteness and fineness, the application of CaCO3 stone powders can be different. For industries that require strict quality such as in the production of toothpaste or in the production of high-class paints, CaCO3 stone powder is required to be treated with modern processes and tested for output quality. strict way. To produce this type of CaCO3 stone powder product, it requires the factory to invest in expensive and modern technological lines. Currently, the number of factories that can supply this type of CaCO3 stone powder is not really much in Vietnam, and so the demand for this product is relatively high, especially in the production of toothpaste.

With other production industries such as: production of animal feed, animal feed or in the treatment of shrimp farming, CaCO3 stone powder products, calcium carbonate skin bots often do not require high content as well as whiteness. However, in order to get the best output, most factories still ask for product uniformity as well as product size.

Vietnam is still in the process of deep and wide integration with the market industry, products that are raw materials for production are still a great concern of industrial plants, CaCO3 stone powder is one of the most important products. such raw materials.

Our CaCO3 stone powder products are mined directly from high-quality quarries in Vietnam, and are manufactured using an advanced technological line that is invested synchronously, ensuring the uniformity in size. , ensure the whiteness as well as the strict requirements of customers. The prestige and quality of our CaCO3 stone powder products have been confirmed for many years.

We are a long-time manufacturer and distributor of CaCO3 stone powder products, and are trusted by many large factories throughout Vietnam as well as in the international export market. Please contact us for service.

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