VA2189-Dawn Grey

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These quartz crystals contain glass and small mirror fragments that sparkle at different angles on the base of the slab. Vinaquartz Small Gain Collection is easy to coordinate with different cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom.

Product Application

Quartz Surface:

1. Scratch resistant with high Mohs hardness

2. Low water absorption

3. High gloss

4. Anti-acid and anti-alkali

5. Heat resistant, chemical resistant

Product Description

Product's name

Artificial stone, quartz surface, surface, solid surface, quartz stone, vietnam quartz stone, vietnam artificial stone, vietnam quartz surface

Material 93% quartz and 7% high quality polymer resin and pigment

Calacatta, Cararra, Gain, Mirror, Customize…


Length * Width: 300cm x 120cm; 300cm x 140cm and 300cm x 150cm

Thickness: 0.8cm; 1.0cm; 1.2cm; 1.5cm; 1.8cm; 2.0cm; 2.5cm; 3.0 cm; 2. Cut to size: According to customer's request
1. Kitchen: Countertops, worktops, kitchen wall tiles, etc.

2. Dressing table and bathroom: dressing table, bathroom wall tiles, vanity mirror frame, etc.

3. Commercial applications: counter tops, wall tiles, bank floors, telecommunication business halls, etc.

4. Dining room: bar top, long table in western style dining room, long table, wall and floor tiles in Mcdonald's and K.F.C, etc.

5. Residential applications: furniture top surfaces, tea tables, wall and floor tiles, etc.

6. Office area: tables and chairs, large reception desk, etc.


Polished, Optional

Edge processing

Bullnose, bevel

Packing Seaworthy wooden crates, pallets
Payment terms 30% advance payment by telegraph pay T/T, the rest pay by telegram pay T/T before shipment.
Quality Assurance: During the entire production process, from material selection to packaging, our quality management staff will strictly control each individual process to ensure quality standards and delivery. goods on time

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