What are handicrafts?

Handicraft products – Handicraft is the result of the hands of artisans. They showcase the beauty of traditional craftsmanship and techniques; they are not created by mass production of machines. And to learn more about them, THACH HIEN would like to invite you to follow our article below.

Handicraft products - Handicraft are designed to meet practical use and most of them are decorative and aesthetic. Therefore, valuable handmade products require both skill and patience from artisans. Many handcrafted items use natural materials (mostly indigenous), while others are crafted from non-traditional materials such as recycled industrial materials (paper art or sculptures). glass engraving, for example…). Commonly found Handicraft materials are: natural fibres, fabric or leather; ceramic, stone, bone, glass; native wood or plants; paper; metal…Through typical materials, Handicrafts – Handicraft is divided into many different shapes

Similar to Folk Art, Handicraft - Handicraft products carry traditional cultural meanings, even religious characteristics. Many types of crafts that are hundreds of years old, rooted in residential communities (such as craft villages, traditional craft streets) are gradually being revived even if they are lost, while at the same time, many types of crafts are being revived. new craft patterns are exploited, favored and become popular.

It can be said that Handicraft - Handicraft is an important part in the field of production, art and design.

*Types of Handicraft – Popular handicrafts:

- Making handmade jewelry is an example of Handicraft - Handicraft: We can come across many forms such as jewelry made from bones or armor of animals (shell rings, inlaid pearls... ). Not only that, with unlimited creativity, jewelry can be completely unique and strange like this:

- String Art: Characterized by a network of wires wound around a system of nails that are fastened on a wooden board or flat surface. Straight lines are created when the rope is wound around two nails; many straight lines when intersecting and changing angles slightly differently after a little bit of curve establishment; From simple curves designed to complex forms such as patterns and letters…

- Quilling Art: is an art form that uses rolled or twisted strips of paper and glued together to create designs. Quilling Art became popular in Europe as an art fad and the private entertainment of noble maidens. This art was popular until the 1800s (Regency era) but gradually disappeared in the late 1800s. Later, nomads brought this art again to America, going through many stages to restore the art. flourish to this day as a unique decoration on greeting cards, picture frames, paper models...

- Ball or twisted model: is said to be one of the special types of Handicraft - Handicraft. This is the formation of vivid patterns (usually animals) when twisting and squeezing air into different positions on the ball. There are two main types of ball twists: the “single ball pattern” – which is made up of only a single ball and the “double ball pattern” – which uses multiple twisted bubbles to link into a pattern.

Through the above article, I hope you have understood a part of what is Handicraft. If you are intending to buy handicraft products in general and composite plastic products in particular, THACH HIEN is the best address for you. To be able to buy the best and most quality product lines at THACH HIEN, please contact us at the hotline number for the fastest advice.

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