What is composite plastic? Advantages of composite plastic

Composite plastic is also known as FRP plastic. FRP stands for English: Fibeglass Reinfored Plastic. FRP stands for: Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic. Today, composite resins are not only applied to the production of tanks, but they are also used in the production of interior and exterior decoration with products with diverse and eye-catching designs. And so that you can better understand what composite plastic is, let's find out the article below with THACH HIEN.

What is Composite?

Composite is a composite material from two or more different materials to create a new material with properties that are significantly superior to the original materials, when these materials work separately (according to en.wikipedia. org).

Composite is also commonly known as composite materials, composite materials

Composition and structure of composite plastic

  • Every composite material consists of one or more discontinuous phases. These phases are distributed in a single continuous phase.
  • The continuous phase is also known as the background material, which is usually responsible for linking the discontinuous phases. The discontinuous phase is reinforcement or reinforcing material that is mixed into the base phase to increase mechanical properties, adhesion, wear resistance, and scratch resistance.
  • It is these components that make the composite plastic glossy, scratch-resistant, and resistant to corrosion even from the strongest corrosive substances such as acids.


Characteristics of composite resin


  • Long service life (the use time is about 2-3 times longer than metal and wood).
  • Weather resistance, aging resistance, high UV resistance, good electrical and thermal insulation.
  • High chemical and corrosion resistance, low maintenance cost, no need for anti-corrosion coating.
  • Small density, high mechanical strength, good rigidity and tensile strength.
  • Simple processing and manufacturing, easy to shape, color, change and repair, investment in production equipment and low maintenance costs.

Application of plastic composite materials

  • In the manufacturing industry, composite plastic materials always occupy an important position among many parts and equipment such as engine shells, rocket shells, aircraft shells, spacecraft shells, motorcycle frames, etc. car covers, tires...
  • With the characteristics of anti-corrosion and harsh conditions as well as high pressure resistance, composite plastic materials are used to produce clean water pipes; sewage pipes; composite plastic septic tank, petroleum pipeline, composite plastic tank containing chemicals ...
  • Insulating ability also makes composite play an important role in the production of insulation systems, insulators, electrical panels, fuse porcelain...
  • In addition, they are also used a lot in the industry of making toys for children and decorating homes, offices, gardens, ...


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