About Us

Thach Hien Co., Ltd was established in 2010 with an oriented development of supplying stone materials including Calcium Carbonate powder (CaCo3), Engineered Quartz, Handicraft products including Flower pots, Decorative statues.

With more than 12 years of experience, we are proud to be a Calcium Carbonate powder supplier that spreading all over the country for many industries including paint, paper, pharmaceutical - cosmetic, construction materials… Our own quarry in Quy Hop - Nghe An(Northern Vietnam) which is evaluated as a source of stable stone quality, with modern machinery according to Hosokawa Alpine (Germany) standards, quality management system under ISO 9001: 2008, Thach Hien Co., Ltd has been gaining trust and high appreciation from the partners who have a market share in the top of the industry's leading enterprises.

With our breadth of experience in supplying Calcium Carbonate powder and Resin, we are expanding our business by investment in Engineered Quartz with a factory scale of 50,000m2, production capacity can reach 500,000m2 per year. Our Engineered Quartz meets rigorous standards in terms of quality, high aesthetics and export standards. Besides, Thach Hien Co., Ltd also provides Composite Flower pots, Cement Flower pots, Decorative statues for international market.

Our Engineered Quartz products are produced from more than 90% pure quartz material, hardness 7/9Mohs, safe materials for users and environmentally friendly, advanced technology with luxurious and high aesthetic design promises to be a tendency option for construction materials in both Vietnam and the worldwide market. With the orientation of developing high quality products and excellent services, Thach Hien Co., Ltd strives to become a highly appreciated enterprise and a good choice for Engineered Quartz clients.


Thach Hien Co., Ltd orients to develop into a global enterprise, gaining and maintaining the trust of customers and partners around the world; become a producing - trading enterprise of supplying clean materials under leading technology and quality reaches out to the world.


We strive to bring out the sustainable and equal values to our customers and partners, cooperation and growing business together.


We follow our core values to bring the worth benefits to customers and partners

Focus on services and products to provide customers with great experience

Always balance the benefits for customers, partners and employees

Towards global development


Develop products and services with the most dedicated experiences:

- High quality and  aesthetic products

- High durability, environmentally friendly, green and clean

- Flexible service, efficient respond to the slightest requirements from customers. 

- Fully devoted to serving customers and partners

- Bring values and benefits to customers, partners, towards sustainable cooperation